Updated February,22, 2015

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Welcome to Benitoite.Com.

If you have spent any time viewing any of my websites you know that I have a passion for BaTiSi3O9 also known as Benitoite.  This is the focus of my personal collection - benitoite from any global locality and mineral species from the Benitoite Gem mine.   You can see some of the specimens in my collection by clicking the My Personal Collection link above.

I created this website, not only to offer specimens for sale, but also as an information source for benitoite and the minerals that are found at Benitoite Gem mine.  When I dream at night I dream of blue triangles!  I really like this mineral a lot!

I do not deal in cut gemstones so if you are looking for that kind of benitoite you'll have to go elsewhere.  The thought of flaking a crystal of this rare species off matrix and chopping it up is, to me at least, the equivalent of crashing a porsche into a tree for kicks.  You can go to my partner's site Steve Perry Gem's - I refer to him as Steve's Chop Shop - for faceted benitoite.

Follow the links to the points that interest you and thank you for visiting.

Benitoitically yours,

 Here is an 18 minute video on the history of the Benitoite Gem Mine...

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